Our Mission
Close the Gap.

Six thousand dollars is the average Net Worth of people living in the inner cities of America and in rural America. That’s right, $6,000. The net worth of our brothers and sisters living outside of America is even less than that. At CIT, we are committed to leveling the playing field through our high-level technology platforms. We aim to shape world leaders and innovators with a passion for eliminating poverty and generating equitable wealth. We will reach out to anyone willing to make the sacrifices it takes to win.
The lynching of our brother George Floyd and the continual turmoil in America has not weakened our resolve. In fact, it has only strengthened us. We will not waiver, we will not bow down and we will not fail in our mission to end a cycle of poverty, frustration and anger. To that end, we have reached out across the borders to Africa and opened an office in downtown Kampala, Uganda, to enlist our fellow men in our training programs. And we will continue to reach out to all disenfranchised people over the world.
We ask that you join us is on our journey to eradicate the hopelessness that so many of our fellow humans feel.

Together, WE CAN WIN.

Da’shone Hughey

Da’shone Hughey
Chief Executive Officer
CODEIT Institute of Technology


Uganda's First CIT Graduating Class

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