7, February 2021 – Newark, NJ – Since its founding, CODEIT Institute of Technology (CIT) has worked tirelessly to increase access to software engineering education for low income, unemployed, underemployed, women, and other underrepresented individuals. Always looking forward to building a better future, CIT entered a Historic Partnership with Innovation Village in Uganda on January 22, 2021. The collaboration will allow 100 Ugandan citizens to learn invaluable software engineering skills and fill a critical gap of software engineers in Uganda.

Software engineering jobs offer people great opportunities for upward mobility, but at present, many of these jobs are outsourced or require a particular skill set. To overcome this, CIT is putting the tools in aspiring software engineers’ hands and leveling the playing field for technology opportunities. This collaboration falls squarely in line with the organization’s mission of training those least likely to be involved at the highest levels of technology and lifting those individuals out of poverty. CIT is highly regarded in New Jersey for its effective programs. This most recent partnership is sure to live up to CIT’s standard of excellence.

“Da’shone presented us with something that is much needed here in Uganda -more Software Engineers. When you look at our talent pool you will only find 11,000 Software Engineers in all of Uganda. We are a country of 42 million people. In Kenya, there are roughly 30,000 software engineers and in Nigeria, there are about 60,000 engineers. But when you look outside of Africa to Brazil, you will find 800,000 engineers. We must level the playing field. Uganda is a young country. We have only had our independence for 40 years but the potential here in Uganda is tremendous. This opportunity will help us in a variety of sectors”, said Innovation Village Chief Executive Officer CK Japheth.

CIT is the first and only Nationally Recognized U.S. Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program in the State of New Jersey and is only one of two entities in New Jersey to be designated an AWS Amazon Academy Institution. Though the organization is headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, CIT seeks to expand its partnerships globally and create an eco-system of educational and employment opportunities for those least likely to be involved in the highest levels of technology worldwide.‍

“This most recent deal with Innovation Village is an exciting step toward equipping future innovators and leaders worldwide with all the tools they need to succeed. In just a few short days, over six hundred Ugandans registered for the program, illustrating the immense need for this kind of opportunity”, said Da’shone Hughey, Chief Executive Officer of CIT. “We are proud to be a part of this new beginning that will educate and empower youth to live up to their fullest potential.”‍

CIT plans to continue offering top software engineering talent to companies everywhere, all while helping students who face adversity accomplish their dreams. The prospect of future global partnerships energizes CIT to continue its groundbreaking work. To learn more about the collaboration and the CODEIT Institute of Technology, please visit‍

About CODEIT Institute of Technology

CIT offers education in data analytics, cloud software engineering, blockchain programming, and more. Headquartered in Newark, NJ, the institute’s mission is to advance the lives of those least likely to obtain high-level opportunities in technological innovation and break the cycle of poverty for families across the globe. CIT is the #1 Ranked Software Engineering Provider in the Mid-Atlantic USA (2020-2021) and the #1 Ranked Software Training Provider by U.S. Business News (2019-2020).‍

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