CODEIT Institute of Technology has taken another giant step in pursuing their aim of training and developing underserved individuals to remove them from a cycle of poverty with their recent acceptance for candidacy into the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. On November 18, 2020, the President of MSA-CESS extended candidacy credentials to CODEIT Institute of Technology (CIT). This recent achievement will help CODEIT Institute of Technology reach more individuals, and provide various financial assistance to underemployed, unemployed, low-income earners, and women.

It has become imperative for individuals to acquire the skillsets to make them employable as technology takes over the business world. Unfortunately, the training required to develop these skillsets is not readily available to tons of low-income, unemployed, underemployed persons, and other underrepresented individuals. However, Da’shone Hughey and his team at CODEIT Institute of Technology (CIT) are poised to change this narrative by reaching these individuals and giving them high level technology training.

CIT offers high level software development training to equip otherwise vulnerable individuals with the knowledge to participate in a technology-driven workforce and to become the world’s future innovators. The recent acceptance for candidacy by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools is one of the institute’s several achievements over the past 3 years.‍

‍“This is exciting, said Dashawn Lyons, a Newark resident, graduate of CIT and employee at CIT. To see this happening in my hometown is amazing.” Chief Executive Officer Da’shone Hughey also shared Lyons excitement. “Three years ago, we laid out a plan to become the first technology centric HBCU type institute in the Tri-State. This is our third year, and we have met every milestone that we set. We still have a long way to go, but the team that has been assembled has done an excellent job of making sure we stay on track. The credit goes to them, said Hughey.”

The programs offered by CIT include Master’s in Data Analytics and Machine Learning, Python AWS Cloud Software Engineering, Python Blockchain Engineering, Ethereum Engineering, and a Masters in AWS Cloud Solutions. CODEIT Institute of Technology (CIT) provides an alternative to college while helping students enjoy the benefits of graduating from a Nationally Recognized U.S. Department of Labor Apprenticeship program and obtaining globally recognized and highly sought-after AWS Certifications.‍

The institute currently stands as the first and only Nationally Recognized U.S. Department of Labor Apprenticeship Program in New Jersey specializing in Software Engineering. It is also only one of two entities in New Jersey to be designated an AWS Amazon Academy Institution.‍

‍For more information about CODEIT Institute of Technology (CIT) and their range of training programs, please visit – The institute can also be found across social media, including, Instagram and Facebook.

About CODEIT Institute of Technology

CODEIT Institute of Technology was founded as an institution to train and develop individuals who are least likely to be involved at the highest technology level. The institution provides them with the skill sets and knowledge to empower them and enable them to participate in a technology-driven workforce and to become the world’s future innovators while creating generational wealth for themselves and their families.‍

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